Leslie D. Rosenstein, Ph.D., ABPP-CN

Board Certified in Clinical Neuropsychology

American Board of Professional Psychology






Dr. Leslie D. Rosenstein:

Licensed Psychologist, Texas since 1992

Clinical Neuropsychologist

Board Certified in Clinical Neuropsychology, American Board of Professional Psychology since 1994



Neuropsychological consultation:

Children ages 6 and up with TBI, CP, hydrocephalus, tumors, ADHD, learning disorders, seizures, autism, sleep disorders, and other neurological conditions.

Adults with TBI, MS, CVA, tumors, dementia, seizures, sleep disorders, ADHD, LD, and other neurological conditions.

Forensic evaluations of adults with neurological conditions.



Evaluations to assist with diagnosis or to outline strengths and weaknesses

Development of treatment plans and recommendations

Outlining of accommodation requests for school, standardized tests, and/or work

Monitoring of progress and/or response to treatment


All clinical evaluations are completed in one visit. Verbal results and recommendations are provided upon completion of the evaluation the same day. Written reports are mailed within 48 business hours.




Referrals may be made by email at lrosenstein@austin.rr.com



Records should be requested by email at lrosenstein@austin.rr.com. Requests should be dated and signed by the adult patient or legal guardian. Please include the original date of service.


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